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I wish I had a Green Thumb

31, July 2012

So I’ve decided to make this a random post about my life lately (I think it’s been pretty exciting!). First off, if you read my last post, you know that I have been growing some plants in my apartment, so I thought I would do an update on all of them! Here is a quick list of the plants I have right now: pineapple(2), peas, thyme, oregano, basil, parsley, cilantro, and some mystery flowers. Of my pineapple plants, I have been growing one of them for about 8 months and the other for only about a month. You can see both of them below.

this is a picture of my pineapple plants

As for my peas, I had them growing in an ice cream pail (one of my favorite ways to grow things!), but have recently transplanted them into a large pot. As a result some of them are looking pretty dead. However, I do have two pods growing!!!! (See below (it’s kind of like “Where’s Waldo” except everything is green))

Just peas.

I won’t be posting a picture for my herbs because I already did so in my last post, but I will talk about them more since I LOVE herbs!! Like I said above I have 5 different herbs growing right now, and boy are they growing! I’ve only pruned some of them once (thyme and basil), but soon I will have to make some salsa since my cilantro is at a perfect height! I’ve already used most of the basil I cut. I like to add it to pasta sauce for a little more flavor, and also love to make italian seasoned burgers! The more I use herbs in my cooking the more I learn about their flavors and what they go well with! (Can you tell I love herbs??) Any who, enough about that. You are probably still wondering what the mystery flower is, and I’m sorry to inform you that I still have no idea what they are. There are a few flowers though and one of them has already bloomed! Here’s the bud before it opened up.

this is a pic of a mystery flower

I was about to say that’s everything that I’m growing, but then I remembered I was growing some tomato plants! They started out as seeds and grew like weeds! Since I didn’t have something larger to put them in, and my girlfriend’s sister has a small garden at her house, I decided to put them in the ground and see if they would make it in the real world!

This is a picture of tomato plants

Lastly I wanted to share what I had for dinner the other night, since it is one of my favorite things to make!


I love making oriental chicken! (Mostly because my favorite foods are chicken and rice!) Here I made fried breaded chicken with a spicy sauce. I used this recipe. When I usually make this dish I make it as is, however, this time I left out the orange and made the sauce spicy by adding a lot of red pepper flakes and some ground cayenne pepper!

So yeah, hope you enjoyed everything in this post, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t tried growing their own herbs, pineapples, etc. to try it some time! If you follow all of the growing instructions you will love the results!

Also, here are some links to sites about growing stuff!
How To Grow Stuff
How To Grow a Pineapple Top



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