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Who put that soap in there?

26, July 2012

So the other day I was doing the dishes (since there was a decent pile in the sink) and decided that it would be a good idea to add some dish soap to the dishwasher in hopes that the dishes would come out cleaner than usual. Well…. it worked…. and then…. I ended up cleaning the floors too….

“No one told me I couldn’t put dish soap in there!?”

On a better note, my girlfriend, Mary, has now become a blacksmith!

For her class this summer, “The History of Invention and Ancient Technology,” she has to do a final project, and will use the pick she is making in the picture above to make a mold for a tile she will make (wish I was taking this class!).

Finally, I thought I would share this since the olypics are this weekend.

This past weekend Mary and I dressed up as an equestrian and a fencer while attending a party in honor of the olympics. For Mary’s outfit, she wore a plain white shirt, riding pants that she had from her riding days, boots from her sister, and a custom made riding crop. The crop was made with a wooden dowel that we trimmed to size, and duct tape. As for my outfit, I wore a plain white shirt, baseball pants (from Walmart), and a custom made foil. I made the foil in a similar fashion as the crop. I used a dowel for the core of the blade, cardboard for the hand guard, and duct tape to hold it all together (and make it look good!).

So yeah, go America!!!


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  1. I’ve done that before too, pretty funny

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