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Save Your Change

9, May 2012

So today at our end of the year meeting for UW Marching band, Mike (Mike Leckrone) was telling us that after our halftime show at the Rose Bowl this past January, he was getting down from his podium and a director from the Oregon band came up to him and said, “If there was one thing I could say about your band, it’s that they are relentless.” This is how life should always be, for everyone. Relentless.

What I mean is that you should never give up on your goals and dreams. You should always be trying to achieve them and make them come true, even if the odds are not in your favor. This idea applies to your person as well.

A good way of making yourself a better person, (that is, the person you have always dreamed of being) is to start good habits that will benefit you in the long-run. Even if they don’t seem like much right now, they can make a HUGE difference later in life. So my advice to you is to start early!!

Be the little kid who saves all of the money they get when they are young. You will thank yourself for doing so later.

As always,

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