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“What do you mean I can’t cite Google as a source?”

7, May 2012

Today’s topic: using your resources. I’ve found out the hard way that you MUST use your resources, and not just in college. This topic applies to everything in life. There is a virtually unlimited amount of resources in the world for you to use to succeed in both school and life.

Now, for most of you, I’m sure that the internet has crossed your mind as your first resource. And that isn’t a bad thing. The internet is a fantastic resource filled with more information imaginable. The only downside is that you must be able to recognize the validity of the information. You all know how easy it is to post anything you want on the internet and so having the ability to recognize valid information is a great skill to have.

As for the other, just as important and useful, resources, all you have to do is open up your eyes and ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!! Not only will you find your life to be at least ten times easier, you will also gain valuable skills that will assist you in getting a great job. There are countless jobs out there that require good communication skills and ability to ask questions when you need to. So get in the habit of it now and use it to your every advantage! You will love the results!


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