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Fun, fun, fun, ’til her daddy took the T-Bird away….

6, May 2012

Sorry I’m so late with this post, I’ve been busy working all weekend, plus I went to see the new Avengers movie on friday, which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Which brings me to my topic of this post: HAVING FUN! I suppose this sort of ties in with my last post about doing things for yourself, but today I want to focus more so on the fun things!

When you get to college you will quickly find out that it isn’t all fun and games like you may think it is. It requires a great amount of work and determination, and you may find youself holed up in your room for days at a time. So my advice for you is to use the free time you get wisely. Yes now I sound like an adult telling you to be smart about things and all that, but what I mean is that you should use that free time to take some stress out of your life. And it doesn’t even have to be something extravagant; it could be going to the movies, or taking a walk through the zoo, or even just going to the mall for a few hours, even if you don’t buy anything. What ever it is that makes you happy and takes your mind off of all the work you have to do, do it when ever you get the chance. You will find that it really helps you to get motivated again to do work.

And if you don’t have much free time and still need a break, you can always find some website with random things or fun/stupid games to play just to give your mind a break for a while. Trust me, it helps!


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