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Take the Proactive Challenge Today!

2, May 2012

Since I talked about not being a procrastinator last time, I figured it would only be fitting to talk about being proactive. I know this may seem redundant, but my intention is to cover different topics that more or less relate to the same thing.

So what do I mean about being proactive? I mean that you should go out and get all of the experience you can before you have to become a real person (a real person is someone who has graduated from college and is now living in a nice home and has/is looking for a nice job). Take every opportunity that arises, even if it seems pointless, because you could learn something extremely helpful! And as an aside from that, try not to let someone hold your hand the whole time. Go out and do things for yourself! You will greatly benefit in life from having the skill of being self motivated.

On a final note, do things that YOU want to do. Don’t do something just because your friends are doing it or because someone said you should, because nine times out of ten, you won’t have the same friends in college that you had in highschool.

Make your own decisions, don’t get pushed around by people who don’t know what they are talking about, and Grab Life by the Horns!


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