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30, April 2012

So I’ve decided that I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That way I don’t run out of things to say too quickly. Also, I’ve figured out that it would be best to post things in chronological order, sort of how things happen throughout your highschool-college career. So let’s start off with one of the most important things to remember: DOING THINGS IN ADVANCE!!!!

You will here this from just about everyone in college. “Don’t make a habit of procrastinating. You will regret it.” This should be the golden rule of your ENTIRE life. Trust me when I say I know what I’m talking about (and if you don’t believe me I have proof of the consequences of waiting too long to do something). As hard as it is to do, you have to force yourself to get things done on time, as in at least a day before it’s due (not the day before, TWO days before). Once you have accomplished this your life will drastically improve! You will have more spare time to do things, less stress from having to stay up late (or all night for those of you who are that talented), and BETTER GRADES!

Just remember, everything you do has a consequence; whether it be good or bad, you can’t avoid it. And try to make good habits with everything you do; you will really like the outcomes!


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